Here are a few of the frequently asked questions however please reach out to us here if you have any other questions or queries regarding any of our products, options and services.

How long does your Fudge & Nougat Last ?

In most households less than a day :) Seriously, It will last a few weeks if not months if kept in a cool dry place ie 22 degrees c or less. It can be refrigerated and frozen too.

Is your fudge Gluten free and what about allergies ?

Most of our fudge and nougat range is gluten free and certain fudge and fudge Duo's contain no nuts or egg ie Chocolate fudge, Caramel Fudge, Lemon Meringue etc so are fine for those with nut allergies. We hand make each fudge batch/flavor so all equipment is thoroughly cleaned and sanitised before we start on the next fudge or nougat creation, so as to prevent any cross over of ingredients. An advantage to handcrafted foods vs machine made.

Do you do wedding Favors and Bombonieres ?

Yeh, for sure - our wedding favor and bomboniere range is extensive and the  packaging will add that Wow factor too. Our Duo range which is our twin packs are great for couple's at a wedding - after all it is the celebration of the joining of two, so our Fudge or Nougat Duo's are very appropriate.

Can I add a personal message & card to the Fudge boxes and other Cococino products & gifts ?

We sure can ! We have our standard brief message & card available at checkout, however if you are having a wedding or another event and require customised cards be created then please let us know and we can arrange those for you.

Are all your products made locally in Australia ?

Yes, all products are made and packed at Cococino Gourmet coffee & fudge here on the Gold Coast and shipped to happy buyers around Australia, even internationally at times !

Do you have an ESG (Environmental, social and Governance) focus ?

Most definitely, part of our ESG focus is our coffee pods (Nespresso machine compatible) are biodegradable and compostable and most of our packaging is recyclable. We also support Bravehearts (Australia's leading organisation against child abuse)   with a portion of every Cococino product sold going to help them do their great work. We also use Sendle (another Aussie business) to do our deliveries (where possible) as they have a zero carbon footprint commitment. 

Do you have a refund and returns policy 

We most certainly do - please read the links in the footer of our website regarding shipping, returns and refunds.