Perfect Hand crafted Fudge

Locally sourced Australian ingrediants

    Our hand-crafted Fudge is made locally on the Gold Coast, Queensland using the very best organic ingredients to ensure that taste & quality leave a lasting impression, while the majority of our fudge is also gluten-free.

    Not only do we have two of the fudge favourites being  Chocolate fudge and Caramel fudge  along with the  best fudge recipe, but we also have a large range of fudge, with combinations of  fudge gifts  in our collection.

    We pack & ship nationwide and internationally so our tasty fudge is never far from reach...order yours now or send some to a friend as a gift with a personalized message - view image example of a Fudge Gift & card option (add Gift card message & details when adding to cart)

    Fudge and Nougat is also perfect as wedding favours or as a bomboniere and our new single and twin/duo clear packaging has just arrived - so enquire now about these smaller options or better yet view them on our Fudge Duo and wedding sections.