Fudge & Nougat

Experience the Delicious Fudge and Nougat Duo: Double the Satisfaction, Twice the Flavour!

    Our Fudge Duo's are available in scrumptious combinations and we have combined some nut-free and gluten-free options plus flavours that suit tastes of all ages from Kids to Grandparents.

    Our Fudge Duo's are great as a gift accompanying flowers, in gift hampers, gift boxes or simply as a gift on their own. So get on down to your nearest florist and grab a fudge duo box along with a bouquet of flowers and make someone smile ! 

    They are also an ideal inclusion in Gift hampers, especially Christmas hampers or in gift baskets given we have created a Xmas fudge duo that combines a block of Christmas Pudding fudge (Similar to Christmas cake) with Candy cane fudge.

    As an item to include as a Corporate gift or in a Corporate hamper for end of year or Christmas gifts for clients, fudge and nougat are ideal as they don't melt like chocolate, have a shelf life of a couple of months and are a great treat to share with friends, colleagues and family.