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Best Gifts to pair with flowers

As far back as the mind can stretch, flowers have been viewed as one of the best ways to show someone that you care. Flowers are used to express love, appreciation, friendship, congratulations, and condolences. When words are simply not enough, flowers are there.

People often wonder how they can take a stunning bouquet one step further. What are the best gifts to pair with flowers for an even more extravagant gift? Our team at Cococino has rounded up some of our top picks on gifts to pair with flowers so you can show your loved ones exactly how much you care.

Here are the top 10 best gifts to pair with flowers:

     1. Spa Essentials 

Between the soothing scents and eye-catching colors, flowers are wonderful ways of relieving stress. Why not take this a step further and gift your loved one some spa essentials? Flowers show them that you care and spa essentials reinforce that by providing them with a way to relax and wind down. 

Essentials like bath bombs, soaps, scrubs, and scented lotions can give your special someone the perfect spa day at home. Let flowers be the beginning to a nourishing day of relaxation and peace. Nothing says you care like a little TLC at home. 

  1. Coffee

Now, we might be slightly biased, but we think it’s safe to say that the world loves coffee. It’s hard to beat that first-sip feeling and even harder to argue with the relaxation that comes from sitting back with a warm cup and giving yourself the space to be. What better gift to give someone than a few of those precious moments? 


Coffee pairs beautifully with flowers and our Cococino coffee beans do just the trick. Made from certified organic, 100% Arabica beans, we only do high quality here. Handcrafted with love, they are designed to create moments of pure bliss.

Is your special someone more of a Nespresso lover? Not to worry! Our Cococino coffee pods convert our organic arabica coffee beans into biodegradable pods. That way, you can give the gift of gourmet coffee no matter what kind of setup your loved one has at home. 

  1. Candles

Flowers smell fresh, sweet, and delicate. Candles smell equally glorious. Together, these two are a match made in heaven. To keep the house smelling as sweet as your loved one, gift them a candle to go along with their favorite flowers. Cococino’s triple scented soy coffee candles are just the thing with 3 flavours to choose from being Irish Coffee, Mochaccino and Affogato, either individually or all 3 candles in one luxury gift box.

With so many different scents to choose from, it’s easy to find one that reminds you of them. As an added bonus, candles also make for a relatively inexpensive gift. Flowers are beautiful while they last, but a candle will last for even longer—keeping you on the mind of your special someone. 

  1. Essential Oils

Does your special someone love when rooms smell nice? That was a trick question; of course they do! In the world of self-care, essential oils are all the rage for the way they can not only freshen up a room, but provide hours of comfort as well. Much like a bouquet of fresh flowers, there is just something about them that feels good.

There are tons of scents to choose from and lots of ways to apply them, so essential oils offer your loved one a bit of flexibility on how they wish to enjoy your gift. Consider lavender essential oil to bring peace, lemon for an energy boost, or peppermint to soothe headaches. When paired with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, you can’t go wrong with a set of essential oils. 

  1. Fudge & Nougat

With your fresh floral bouquet, we recommend pairing some smooth, sweet chocolate fudge or Rose pistachio nougat. If you’re looking to kick it up a notch, a Decadent fudge collection or Luscious fudge collection or even Naughty Nougat collection could really take things to the next level. (Just throwing it out there; Cococino fudge  is perfect for baking into treats.) 

  1. Fruit Basket

When you’re looking to tell someone you think they’re sweet, what better way than to gift them with something sweet? Sending a fruit basket alongside your roses adds to the colorful aesthetic and provides them with something delicious to eat.

Not only are fruit baskets beautiful and eye-catching, but they are the perfect healthy snack. Besides, there’s something extra special about keeping your loved one’s eyes delighted and stomach full at the same time. 

  1. Jewelry

If you’re not quite sure what to say, a shiny piece of jewelry will surely say it for you. Like a bouquet of stunning flowers, jewelry is one of those gifts that is given with a surge of heartfelt emotion, and how you feel often goes without saying.

So, if you feel that a bouquet does not quite convey how you feel about your special someone, a new necklace or pair of earrings definitely will. We may not be experts on love, but we are pretty confident that it will do the trick. 

  1. Home-Cooked Dinner

There’s a reason why people say that actions speak louder than words. What better way of showing someone you value them than serving them a delicious, home-cooked meal? It’s truly one of the best gifts to pair with flowers.

A homemade batch of good-for-the-soul food is a great way of nurturing the bond between you and your special someone. This is the perfect example of the fact that you don’t have to break the bank to show someone that you care. After all, isn’t everyone happier with mouth-watering food in front of them? 

  1. Wine

When it comes to romance, it’s hard to top the delicate simplicity of a flawless bouquet and a quality bottle of wine or box of fudge or nougat. If you’re looking to woo your special someone, you can’t go wrong with a sweet treat and flowers.

To make things even more romantic, you could even go as far as leaving a trail of rose petals, lighting some candles, and laying out a box of rich chocolate fudge. Might we suggest Cococino Nougat? It was made precisely for sweet moments like this. 


  1. Chocolate

The best gift to pair with flowers, hands down, is chocolate or Caramel. Specifically, fudge. Even more specifically, our Cococino Fudge Duos. Hand-crafted on the Gold Coast, our fudge is made only from the best organic ingredients for a lasting impression. Our delicious combinations of Fudge Duo's are perfectly sized to serve as the best gifts to pair with flowers.

Our fudge and nougat is the perfect gift to go with your beautiful flower bouquet, as they are as delightful to taste as flowers are to gaze at. We offer a wide variety of delicious flavor combinations, and if you can’t decide, pick them both. We promise, no one’s going to complain. 

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So, hop online, sit back, relax, and start browsing today. With our wide selection of fudge and coffee, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect gift to accompany your new flower bouquet. We promise, you won’t be disappointed.